Decision Day Approaches

Decision Day Approaches

Jonathon Rumph is a Mississippi junior college success story. Rumph went from an unsigned South Carolina prepster to one of the most coveted junior college prospects in the country. The recruiting process has been good to Rumph the second time around, but it will all come to a close tomorrow at a family gathering.

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"I am going to be committing tomorrow," said Rumph. "It's going to be between Georgia, Mississippi State, Ole Miss and Texas Tech.

"I haven't totally decided yet. I am going to think about everything tonight and then tomorrow my mama is going to let everybody at our house know that I am announcing my decision.

"I am going to tell my family first and then I am going to call the coach of the school I am committing to and let him know."

Rumors have made the rounds today since word of Rumph's pending decision broke.

The South Carolina native dismisses the speculation.

"Really nobody knows for sure what I am going to do," said Rumph. "The only people I have talked to about it is my mom and my uncle.

"I haven't told anyone where I am going.

"A lot of college coaches are still calling me trying to make their last minute pitch, but I am not talking to any coaches right now.

"I just want to take this last time to myself, so I can be sure I am making the right decision."

While Rumph wants to maintain a bit of his privacy heading into the big day, he was willing to talk about what made the difference in his decision.

"I just felt the most comfortable with the school I am committing to," said Rumph. "I just felt like it was a family atmosphere and it was just the right place for me.

"I feel like the coaches are going to help me become a better player and a better person each and every day."

Rumph says that his family, especially his mother, is very supportive of his pick.

"My mom is happy with my decision," said Rumph. "Most of all she is just happy that I am going to be in school.

"It's kind of hard for the kids in our area to get in school, so she's happy that I am going to get my education.

"She would support me no matter what decision I made, but she is happy with my decision."

Rumph is not one for the spotlight. He chose to avoid a lot of the limelight throughout the recruiting process.

The four star talent reports that he has enjoyed his courtship, but he is ready to close out this phase of his football career.

"Coming our of high school I didn't have a lot to think about," said Rumph. "When I first got these offers this time, I thought about committing early.

"You never know who is going to offer you or if someone is going to pull your scholarship because they like another player better.

"It's stressful sometimes, but I feel like it all worked out for me.

"I got to learn a lot about all of the schools and I feel like I have found the best place for me.

"My mama kept telling me to pray about everything and I would know when the time is right.

"I know this is the right time and that I am making the right decision." Recommended Stories

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