Neyer Weighing Options

Anthony Neyer

Los Angeles (Calif.) Pierce quarterback Anthony Neyer holds an offer from Yale and is weighing his options...

It's been a successful season for Los Angeles (Calif.) Pierce College quarterback Anthony Neyer.

Neyer joined the Brahmas team shortly before the season after spending two seasons at USC.

"I think that it was just a great opportunity here. I came from USC, where there was already an established quarterback in Matt Barkley, so it was an opportunity to lead. Everybody is great in high school, so coming to a place that was looking for a guy, looking for leadership, was a really good experience from me," he said.

It took some time to make the decision to transfer, but Neyer feels happy with his choice.

"There was a lot of prayer. When Matt decided to come back, I think that was a big push. If he had left, I would have had a bigger opportunity to compete for a spot to play more, so when Matt came back, it was a push in the right direction. Going through Spring, I experienced a lot of great things, but ultimately not what I wanted. I talked with my family and a lot of guys and coaches and just decided to take the step," he said.

Since playing at Pierce, the 6-foot-3, 212-pound quarterback has picked up an offer from Yale.

"The big push with the Ivy Leagues is if you can do it academically. At USC, I was a good student; I had a 3.47, a 3.22, but when you get an opportunity at an Ivy League school, it's another step up.

"Right now, I'm kind of waiting to see how the numbers crunch together and hopefully I'll get the chance to go there come fall. Granted, I'm still weighing my options, but it's looking like it's the frontrunner," he said.

Neyer has also been hearing from a number of other programs.

"I'm receiving interest from Delaware State, Charleston Southern, Abilene Christian, Akron, East Carolina, Ohio, and a little bit from Southern Miss. I'm casting my net wide. I'm just looking for the best opportunity," he said.

Since he redshirted his true freshman year at USC, Neyer has two seasons of eligibility left.

Neyer only transferred to Pierce mere weeks before the season, but immediately felt comfortable with his new team.

"The coaching staff was great and able to send me the things I needed to get the playbook down and the team made me feel welcome right away. It was a blessing; it all kind of came together," he said.

He also credits the talent on the Brahmas' team for the success he's had on the field.

"We've got some guys, some great receivers. It's been awesome. They spoil us; we get the ball there and then they make us look good. It was definitely really great getting to know a different team of guys. The exciting part of it is to go somewhere new, meet some new people, and kind of bond with the guys and go through the season. It has been a great experience," he said.

Having to transfer and fit in with two different teams has helped Neyer with one of the most important qualities in a quarterback: leadership "It's funny, I feel like every quarterback is going to tell you that, but truly, I think my greatest quality is my leadership ability. From coming in three weeks before the season and being able to rally the guys by earning their trust, showing them that I've prepared," he said.

Neyer says his ideal timeline is to graduate in the spring and join his new team in time for fall camp.

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