FSNextTV: Cedric Tillman

FSNextTV: Cedric Tillman

Grenada, Mississippi native Cedric Tillman enrolled at Holmes Community College in hopes of building towards a major college football future. Tillman, now committed to the Ragin Cajuns of Louisiana, made the most of his time in Goodman. See highlights of Tillman in action in this FOXSportsNext video presentation.

Cedric Tillman is a very competitive player who refuses to get up on a play.

Even when a receiver is able to get a step on him, Tillman has the speed and tenacity to recover and make a play on the ball.

Tillman has a nose for the goal line too. If the ball ends up in his hands on a turnover or punt return, Tillman is not content to just make a play. He is looking for the endzone.

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