Washington Waits

Washington Waits

Arkansas picked up a commitment from standout corner Carroll Washington earlier this year. Since that time, a lot has changed in Fayetteville. With a coaching search in progress, Washington is following the developments very closely. Several other programs have reached out to the Maryland native and he is considering taking an official visit to another SEC school next month.

Carroll Washington profile

"I am still committed to Arkansas," said Washington. "I am just waiting to see who they hire to be the new coach.

"I don't really know anymore than anybody else. The AD down there (Jeff Long) is keeping things pretty quiet.

"The coaches that are still there don't know what's going to happen either.

"I have told them to send me his contact number as soon as they get it because I want to find out how things are going to go."

While Washington is still in a bit of limbo, he is still very excited about a potential future at Arkansas.

"I made the commitment for a reason," said Washington. "I like the school and the campus and all of that.

"I committed to Arkansas, because that was where I wanted to go.

"I just want to see if the new coach is going to want me.

"I don't know how they will handle recruiting. He might want to find some of his own players.

"I want to talk with the new coach and be sure we are going to get along and all of that."

Washington reports that he is in contact with another SEC school about opportunities there should he elect to make a change.

"The only school I have been really talking with about a visit is Mississippi State," said Washington. "I am supposed to go up there next month.

"I have heard from some other schools, but Mississippi State is really the only other school besides Arkansas that I am really talking to."

Washington was named All-Region for the second straight year for his play at Hartnell.

The talented corner won the team award for best defensive back after recording three interceptions, a forced fumble and just over thirty tackles.

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