First Offer in for Abeyta

Receiver Robert Abeyta

Norwalk (Calif.) Cerritos receiver Robert Abeyta, who has three years to play two, picked up his first offer and is hearing from others...

After a successful sophomore season, Norwalk (Calif.) Cerritos College receiver Robert Abeyta is starting to hear from a few programs and recently picked up his first offer.

"Middle Tennessee came by the school this morning. I didn't know too much about them until they offered me. They showed me a lot about the school, and I really like it; I'm definitely interested," he said.

Abeyta, who is being recruited by Sloan Allison, has a visit planned to check out the Blue Raiders on January 18th, and could potentially take a few more trips, as well.

"My coaches have said that Utah State is close to offering me, as is Colorado State, but I've just been talking with everyone.

"I don't know much about Colorado State, but my dad's side of the family is from Colorado. My coach has been talking with me about Utah State; they hadn't been doing too well, but they played well this past year and they are going into a new conference. I'm interested in them, and my coach said they wanted me to come visit in January," he said.

The 6-foot-2, 195-pound prospect has also been talking with a Pac-12 program.

"I just spoke with Utah and they've talked about offering me, so that's exciting. I really want to go there. It would be amazing. It's a big school; the name, the uniforms, the stadium. I love everything about it. I've always wanted to play Division-1 and it's a Pac-12 school," he said.

The receiver finished the season with thirty seven catches for over eight hundred yards and nine touchdowns. He will graduate in May and after joining a program in June, will have three years to play two.

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