Getting to Know Sendish

Cassius Sendish

Behind the football pads, lies a personality. Come inside to learn more about Kansas' newest addition, Arizona Western Junior College cornerback, Cassius Sendish...

Get to know new Jayhawk cornerback, Cassius Sendish...

Major reason(s) for choosing Kansas? I couldn't go wrong picking any school, because it's just a blessing to have options, but I picked Kansas because when I took my visit, it felt like a family atmosphere and I felt like I could be a part of something special.

What do you want to major in? Media Communications or Sports Broadcasting

Favorite hobby outside of sports? I play the drums.

Favorite place to eat? Cheesecake Factory

Favorite movie? Little Giants

What sports did you play growing up? I played basketball, football, a little bit of soccer, lacrosse, and I ran track.

Athlete you try to model your game after? The athlete that I would model my game after is Deion Sanders, but my favorite would be Sean Taylor.

Former Jayhawk you look up to? Aqib Talib

Favorite professional sports team? Washington Redskins

What is your pre-game ritual? I don't know if you've ever heard about it, but where I'm from in D.C., we listen to a lot of go-go music. It's like a live band, and I really like to listen to that before the game.

Favorite pre-game meal? Steak and potatoes

Favorite KU uniform combination? They all look good; anything with crimson and blue is something that looks good to me.

Who is your hero, and why? My dad, because he really shaped me into the person that I am today. I can't do anything but thank him for it and look up to him every day.

What is your biggest accomplishment yet? Making it to this point is my biggest accomplishment, honestly. And just being blessed with the opportunity to keep going.

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by? "Win the day."

What are your Signing Day plans? I'm going to sign and fax the Letter of Intent in, but I'm not going to be all festive about it. I'm glad I got this far and I'm just going to keep pushing. Recommended Stories

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